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The Martian - 2015 - 141 minutes - Rated PG-13 - Sci-Fi and Fantasy

The plot: In 2035, during a manned mission to Mars, astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is left behind and presumed dead after a fierce storm.  He must then summon all his courage and wits to survive, while maintaining hope of being rescued.

The Crib says: after a few recent misses, Ridley Scott finally hits the mark with a techy-type tale that is not too geeked-up for the public to understand and enjoy.  Matt Damon reminds us of why he is still a top actor and his easy-going charm and comic grace are on full display here.  The movie runs along at a good pace and may seem much shorter than its actual runtime.

Iron Sky - 2012 - 93 minutes - Rated R - Action Sci-Fi and Fantasy

The plot: In 1945, the Nazis had secretly retreated to the far side of the moon.  A space shuttle mission exposes their diabolical plan to invade Earth.

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The Crib says: a fun, Sci-Fi Noir flick that entertains and never takes itself too seriously.  Although a bit cheesy around the edges, Julia Dietze's charm helps to keep it interesting.

Flight - 2012 - 138 minutes - Rated R - Suspense Drama

The plot: After a skillful safe landing of a damaged commercial airliner, a veteran airline pilot begins to have questions about the incident, and a subsequent government inquiry threatens his reputation and career.

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The Crib says: A very modern take on alcoholism that is not just about substance abuse, but about accountability and responsibility for one's own actions.  Superb acting all the way around.  A heavy social drama that is worth checking out.

Assassination Games - 2011 - 101 minutes - Rated R - Action Thriller

The plot: Rival assassins team up to fight a global drug cartel.

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The Crib says: One of Jean-Claude Van Damme's best, most understated performances, with sharp directing and cinematography, and a rousing soundtrack.

Parker - 2013 - 118 minutes - Rated R - Action Adventure Thriller

The plot: Parker is a thief, but with his own personal code of ethics.  When his crew double-crosses him, he joins up with an unexpected partner to try and even the score.

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The Crib says: Some excellent fight scenes, that are probably too few and far between for real Jason Statham fans.  Jennifer Lopez does not match her prior acting chops from films like 'Out of Sight' - (1998 - remember that one with George Clooney?), or even 'Monster-In-Law' (2005) but she does show up.  Bottom Line - if you're not a Jason Statham fan, you may want to pass on this one.

Jack Reacher - 2012 - 130 minutes - Rated PG-13 - Crime Action Thriller

The plot: Former military cop Jack Reacher teams up with a beautiful defense attorney to investigate the killing of five people by an expert sniper (based on the novels by Lee Child).

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The Crib says: Good adaptation of the Lee Child novel 'One Shot'.  For those of you who are not Tom Cruise fans, if you view the movie with little expectations, you may be pleasantly surprised.  Although there are some bumps in the plot line and the pace is slow towards the beginning, Cruise's understated acting(for once) and the movie's ultimate delivery of many suspense filled action scenes delivers the goods.

Captain Phillips - 2013- 134 minutes - Rated PG-13 - Biographical Drama, Thriller

The plot: A re-telling of the 2009 hijacking of the U.S. container ship Maersk Alabama by a crew of Somali pirates.

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The Crib says: Although the story is not presented entirely fact by fact, it is a taut, tension-filled thriller which also showcases the adverse effects of globalization.  A must see, if only to enjoy the superb face-offs between Tom Hanks (Phillips) and the pirate leader, played by newcomer Barkhad Abdi.

The Family - 2013 - 111 minutes - Rated R - Crime Action, Gangster Movie, Satire

The plot: The Manzoni's, an infamous mob family, have been relocated to Normandy, France under the witness protection program and have some challenges laying low and fitting in.

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The Crib says: If you like satires about the Mob, this one has it all.  Of course, it does not hurt to have Robert De Niro, Tommy Lee Jones, and Michelle Pfeiffer all in the same movie.  However, this film is not for the politically correct, but then again you probably knew that!

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