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What's an audio/video filter?  You've heard of coffee filters, right?  OK, so where am I going with this.  Well, let's say you're one of the many people who drink drip-brewed coffee.  Have you ever not used the paper filter, run out of them, or substituted the permanent gold-tone ones?  What do you end up with.  Yeeeeeech!

You get gritty, crunchy coffee, laced with grinds, that is bitter and chewable to the last drop.  Sludge.  But you can run to the store and get some more paper filters and then life is good again.

So how does this relate to a home theater A/V filter?  Let's examine the similarities.

The Files of X

X-Files - agents Mulder and ScullyDo you watch shows like Bones, Fringe, and of course, are you enjoying for years the many various Crime Scene Investigation or 'CSI' television series until you were blue in the face with criminal forensics?  Well, now that many of these shows or their spin-offs have come and gone, maybe it's time to go back to the one that started it all, to really appreciate it.

What's that famous old saying?  'You've tried the rest, now try the best?'  Or is it more like, 'The original, and best'.

Faster Streaming

Faster Streaming - IPAD
To stream or not to stream?  Well, have you decided?  If the answer is 'yes', I want to stream, and if you have been streaming and using Wi-Fi to do it, like many of us have been, then maybe, after seeing just how 'well' basic streaming works, your next wish would be:

How Can I Stream Faster?

Unfortunately, this is truly not a one-word answer.  It will depend on a few factors, which we will attempt to break down for you:

Video Files to DVD

Video Files to DVD - ImportA computer DVD burner makes it easy to convert video files to dvd.

These files use a lot of memory - up to 10 gigabytes for every hour of your recorded data - so converting to a DVD disc can free up your hard drive space.

The computer or laptop must be equipped with a DVD burner to record videos to disc. Most computers with a burner will also have DVD software installed to manage the recording. With a supply of blank recordable DVDs, videos can be moved off the computer's hard drive and onto long-lasting media discs.

Items you will need:

What is 4K TV?

What is 4K TV?
Pictured: 84-inch LCD (Ultra High Def 4K TV). 
Technology inevitably marches on.  '4K TVs', 'QuadHD TVs', or 'Ultra HD 4K TVs' as the manufacturers are calling them, are new to the market and here's what we know about them so far.  If you are video geeks like us here at VideoCrib you may want to look for one to purchase, or at least go to the store to check one out. 

Here's a quick breakdown...

(Please keep in mind that some of this info may be subject to change, but we'll make sure we keep you up to date).

Disc Cleaners

Disc Cleaners
You've seen them in stores, or online.  They may be in the form of wet or dry cloths or wipes, or simply a dry anti-static cloth accompanied by an alcohol based spray cleaning bottle.  Does this product really do its job, do you really need to spend 15 to 30 dollars (or more) to clean your CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc, and will it even be worth it?  What will you expect to get?  Improved sound, more crisp and clear, and a sharper, clearer video experience?  Maybe...


What is 3D TV?It's been over 4 years since the first modern 3D TV's have hit the market (back in March 2010), giving viewers a chance to enjoy 3D Blu-ray movies, 3D TV programming, and play 3D games.  The technology behind it is still relatively new, so let's attempt to dig in and answer some of the questions...