Speaker Layouts

    Center Channel speaker:  place it centered, directly above or below your TV.  The tweeter of this speaker should be close to the height of the Front Left and Right speakers' tweeters, within 2 feet or less.  Make sure the distance from all 3 front speakers to the listening position is the same.  Try to make the distance from each Front Left/Right speaker to the Center speaker as similar as possible.

    Front Left and Right speakers:  the tweeters should be at your ear level when you are seated in the listening position.

    Surround speakers:  can be placed to the left and right of the listening position, in line with it, or just behind it.  If you cannot do this using any side walls or speaker stands, you can place them on the left and right sides directly behind your listening position, facing the front of the room, mounted on the rear wall.  Whichever of these options works for your particular space, the surrounds should be placed high enough so that the speaker drivers do not fire directly at you ears when you are sitting down.  This will overpower the Front speakers.  To get the proper height of the surrounds, you can start by placing them at ear level or higher when you are actually standing up, not sitting (but in any case, please make sure the speaker is at least 6 inches below the ceiling).

7.1 Speaker Layout
7.1 Layout
Note: with some audio/video receivers, instead of connections for Surround Back (Left and Right), you will have 2 additional channels up front for 'height' or 'width' channels that give you a bigger front soundstage.

5.1 Speaker Layout
5.1 Layout

    Subwoofer:  subwoofers create non-directional sound, so they may be placed almost anywhere in a room.  Typical placements are in the front or front corner of the room, at least six inches from walls.  The closer you get to the corners, the more 'boom' your bass will have, the less 'boom' if you move it away from the corners and walls.  Another thing you may want to try is to walk around the room until you reach a spot where the music or soundtrack bass sounds the best to you.  Then, you may move the subwoofer to that spot.

Pictured below from left:  Left, Center, Subwoofer and Right channels in the foreground, with Left and Right wall surrounds.  
Watch the YouTube video below for Basic 5.1 Setup.

5.1 Home Theater Setup


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