Copy Blu-ray to DVD

We don't know about you, but we've had the need to do this from time to time since we do not often burn Blu-ray discs and like the flexibility and compatibility of DVD.

The video quality of the resulting DVD is quite good as well, most likely a bit above normal DVD (perhaps from high 500's to 700 lines of resolution).  The recorded sound will be stereo that can be matrixed to Dolby Surround with many Home Theater receivers.  In fact, most late model amps can do a great job of rendering the simulated 5.1 Matrix with this stereo feed, utilizing Dolby Pro Logic 2, etc.

Here's What You Will Need:

1) Blu-ray player

2) DVD Burner

3) Blank DVD disc

4) 1 S-Video Cable

5) 'RCA' type composite audio cables (the white and red)

Copy Blu-ray to DVD
Copy Blu-ray to DVD

1) Blu-ray player - change the system settings so that the video out is using S-Video and the audio out will be output from the red and white composite jacks (normally red and white are always outputted).

2) Connect the S-Video Out and the audio outs of the Blu-ray to the S-Video input and audio inputs on the DVD burner.

3) Insert blank DVD disc to the DVD burner.

4) Play the desired Blu-ray disc in real-time, and press Record on the DVD burner.

5) Voila! In 2 hours or so you'll have a good DVD copy of your Blu-ray, unless you run into any copyright issues with your particular Blu-ray player!

'Give it a Try, and Happy Burning' - VideoCrib

S-Video Cable
Pictured: S-Video Cable

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