What is Smart TV?

Smart TV refers to the combining of the Internet and Web 2.0 functions into televisions or set-top devices.

Like a 'smartphone', with its integration of the Internet, Web widgets, and various software applications, so too does a TV integrated in this way become a 'Smart TV'.

What Can They Do?

Smart TVs allow you to access video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Amazon Instant Video, and more on your TV.  Other computing abilities may also be present, like having access to Twitter, or to the news or the weather.

How Do They Do It?

Smart TVs either have an Ethernet port or WI-FI functionality built-in so you can connect to the internet, making this type of computer-enabled TV much different from a basic TV, and generally costing a bit more than a regular TV.

Like computers and smartphones, they have an operating system that allows them to run the various widgets and apps needed for these video services.

What is Smart TV?
A Smart TV and its 'Apps'

Web Browsing

Some Smart TVs even come with pre-installed internet browsers which allow you to surf the internet on your TV itself.  Of course since the operating system is not the same as that which is found on desktops or laptops, you may not be able to do all of the things with your Smart TV that you do on your home computer.

But if you do intend to use your TV for some serious web surfing, we recommend you look for one that has the ability to pair with a wireless keyboard made specifically for Smart TVs, or with a fairly large remote control with a QWERTY keyboard, or perhaps just a smartphone or tablet companion app that you can use for typing.

Sound appealing to you?  Then get over to your TV store and Get Smart!  VideoCrib

Google Smart TV
Pictured: Google 'Smart' TV


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